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ReTire, a Division of Pacific Products

has become  Pacpro Kleener, LLC

Don Trammell  &  Ray Moore, Co-Owners

91 Church St, Unit B, Sutter Creek, CA 95685

NEW:  Mailing Address: PO BOX 491  Menifee, CA 92586


Our Story


Don Trammell


       Pacific Products, 

a leading  chemical manufacturer in the Printing Industry for over  32 years

has expanded it's base of operation to include

ReTire Products, Chemical Manufacturing for the  Classic Car Market

Innovative, cutting edge products, that are environmentally safe~

are making their mark on the industry & are outperforming our competitors

who  have been in the business for years!




Fine Line of Auto Detailing Products

is catching the eyes of Classic Car owners across the country~

We can cut your detailing time dramatically...

while pampering your Classic Car

with the finest quality products~ at an affordable price.

We now have 10+ years of experience

in the classic car market-


Founder & Chemical Compounder

A new adventure has begun

for ReTire Products-

I have recently been joined by

Ray Moore, whose expertise lies in the

tech industry and social media- 

We are now partnering together to reach across social media to make an impact with our amazing kleening products.

We are Veteran owned and all our products are formulated & manufactured

solely in the USA


Ray Moore, US NAVY Veteran

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