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Overview Products & Pricing

Tire Kleeners


Original Formula

Available in:    

Qt/sp  $22       Gallons  $55

Black Tires Matter

Deepest Kleen for blackwalls

Available in:    

Qt/sp  $22       Gallons  $55

Ultimate Whitewall Kleener

deepest kleen for problem whitewalls

Available in:    

Qt/sp  $22       Gallons  $55

Specialty Tire Kleener

Effortless- **

Remove releasing agents from new tires

Effortless Available in:

Pint    $20       Qt    $25     Qt/sp    $28     Gallon    $70   

Specialty Products

Sure Fire Gun Kleener: 

Non-solvent gun cleaner- 

Reduce cleaning time dramatically

Sure Fire Available:

Pint           $20      Quart      $30

Airplane Detailing

Flyin High Exhaust Kleener:

Simply spray on and wipe off

with cotton rag!

Flyin High Exhaust Kleener

Quart:      $20         Gallon      $60



Clean bugs off the lead wing of your aircraft with ease.  2 tbsp/qt water

Quart        $18          Gallon     $45

Detailing Products

Chrome Care: 

Detail chrome even in hot sun- amazingly easy to use

Chrome Care

Quart      $18          Gallon    $45


Multipurpose kleener:  Detail paint & glass w/o streaking

Super Kleen

Quart:      $18         Gallon    $45

Buff Out: 

Remove Tar & Paint Transfer with ease

Buff Out

Pint        $40            Quart     $60

New website has smaller sizes

Detailing Products

Bright Eyes: 

Headlight Restoration/ simply

spray on & wipe off

Bright Eyes

Pint   $40                 Quart    $60

New website has smaller sizes

Eliminator:  Hard water spot remover

Eliminator Available in

Pint   $15                 Quart   $18

Trim Rejuvinator: 

Restore showroom look to plastic trim & bumpers

Trim Available in

Pint    $15                Quart   $18

Personal Care Item

Kleen Handz:  

Waterless hand kleener that removes dirt, grime, grease & even clutch dust-  Gentle yet effective

Pint    $15                Quart   $18

Additional New products on new website

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