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Chrome Care

Convenience does not always allow you to detail your car in the cool of the day in the shade.

Imagine...You've just arrived at the "show" and it is blazing hot

and judging starts in an hour...

Your chrome has gotten dirty from some unexpected obstacles on the road...

Forget panicking~  Chrome Care from ReTire Products

solves your problems~

Chrome Care can be used in full sun, it actually works best that way!

Apply with a cotton rag.  Let it dry to a haze. 

Then wipe clean with a dry portion of that cotton rag. 

It will actually squeak as you remove it, leaving you with a mirror finish. 

You'll be amazed at the shine, and your lack of effort!


Comes in Pints, Quarts and Gallons

Chrome for wix.jpg

This amazing car has been detailed with our

"Detail Spray", Chrome Care and

ReTire Whitewall Kleener-

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