RV-  Motorhome & Travel Trailers- Kleeners

PC # 55000


Remove black streaks from paint with ease

Simply spray on & wipe off!

Can be used on all types of RV's and boats-


PC #15300

Use 3-4 oz of the Concentrate

in a bucket of water to wash your vehicle-

Will remove any light oxidation from your paint-

Contains NO wax but will bead like wax when water hits it!


To Dry Wash instead-

Dilute 1 tbsp of "concentrate" in a quart of water-

You can detail both paint and glass-

 in full sun w/o streaking!

Spray on & wipe off!

Use a microfiber rag to detail paint- 

But a cotton rag must be used to kleen windows

(rags MUST  NOT have fabric softener in them

or they will streak on windows!)



Paint/Glass or Chrome

Mix 2 tbsp Concentrate in a quart of water-

Spray on- let sit for 5 seconds or so

& wipe clean with a cotton rag!

Economical to use!











E Liminator



PC #45000

Hard Water Spot Remover

Use full strength with a non-abrasive scrubber

to clean hard water spots from shower doors & windows- 

Can be used on paint and chrome

but use with a cotton rag to gently remove spots!

No longer Available

Available in Pints, Quarts & Gallons

Available in Pints, Quarts & Gallons