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Our Tire Kleeners

PC # 35000

"Original Formula"

An industry first~  Kleen Whitewalls without

any harsh chemicals or silicones~

Clean and condition with ease!

Simply spray on and wipe off~ 

Black and White

can be kleened at the same time

with no bleeding!

An anti-static property keeps edges

from turning brown!

Black tires are also a snap to kleen!

Environmentally safe!


PC #35500

"For Your Toughest Whitewall Problems"

Specially formulated for the deepest penetration

to deal with

your toughest "whitewall cleaning jobs"-

Contains no harsh chemicals, bleaches, or silicones

It is environmentally safe!

Clean and condition your tires while eliminating the brown edges

 with our anti-static formula-

Both black & white can be cleaned at the same time 

w/o bleeding

Ultimate will cut your cleaning time dramatically!

Available in Qts & Gallons

Available in Qts & Gallons

PC# 35400

for Releasing Agent Problems

If you clean your tires & they turn golden brown

within a short time.... you need EffortLess

Changes in manufacturing processes for tires is leaving a residue on "New Tire"s that requires

a product with deeper penetration

to clean both blackwalls and whitewalls-

Wipe EffortLess onto the tire with a cotton rag

& then wipe kleen. 

Treads will take a little more work

This is an environmentally safe product!

Available in Pints, Qts & Gallons

PC #37000

Because it's not all about Whitewalls


Specially formulated for the deepest clean available

on your "black" tires-

Contains no harsh chemicals or silicones

It is water-based & environmentally safe

It is NOT a tire dressing but a true cleaner

Removes all dirt & grime from tires-

leaving them showroom new!

Our anti-static formulation cleans & conditions tires & eliminates browning on tire edges.  

Can be used safely on raised white lettering

w/o color bleeding!

Available in Qts & Gallons

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